1. Wow Wednesdays:This programme is especially designed for the children, with the concept of giving them a foundation of a strong value system in the early years through fun activities. On this day, the birthdays of all the Shemstars born in that particular month is celebrated.
  2. Shemford Sanskars: Our Value Education Programme “When your values are clear to you, making decisions become easier,” said Roy Disney. True to his words, Values are the guiding principles that shape our thoughts, attitudes and conduct. At SHEMFORD, we believe, ‘Values are caught, not taught.’ Therefore, through SHEMFORD Sanskars, we focus on instilling in our children, the right values and virtues from the early years.
  3. Engaging Teaching Methods: SHEMFORD believes in making teaching – learning an interesting and joyful experience, where both teachers (mentors / facilitators) and students are involved in the process of bringing learning alive. At SHEMFORD, the students learn via interactive modules, allowing their active participation in Group Discussions, Projects, Presentations, Quizzes, Games, Thinking Sessions, Role Plays etc. These methods involve the students into the learning process, giving them an experience where they come to school not because they have to, but because they want to.
  4. Personality Enhancement Module: At SHEMFORD, we focus on developing the overall personality of our children. This module includes interesting sessions on developing good attitude, positive approach, self confidence, proper body language, personal etiquettes etc., to enable our children to face the competitive world in an effective manner.
  5. English Conversation Development Programme: At SHEMFORD, we realise that English, besides forming the base of understanding other subjects, also opens the door to the world at large. Hence, we build each child’s language proficiency through Special Conversation Modules and Programmes.
  6. Thinking Skills Development Module: Today’s children are the problem solvers of tomorrow. Under this module, children at SHEMFORD develop their abilities to judge, analyse and think critically to reflect a much deeper understanding of the world around them and contribute more creatively.