We believe that students learn best when they feel safe, valued and happy. Our value-based education system is expressed through the core values that are woven into every academic and extracurricular activity at Shemford Futuristic School, Kupwara.

These include:

  • Respect: The students at Shemford are respected as individuals and are taught to respect everyone, including the teachers and all other staff members.
  • Honesty: The students are encouraged to understand the importance of honesty.
  • Compassion: The students are taught to be compassionate towards each other, in times of crisis.
  • Growing by learning: The students are taught to strive to develop leadership skills by various hands-on learning activities and challenges.
  • Sharing: The students are taught ‘sharing’ as a part of their daily activities, something we believe should be developed as an individual to be a part of a community.
  • Unity: The need to develop a sense of unity to accept and appreciate every culture is important. Thus, the value of unity is taught to children.
  • Care for the Environment: The children are taught to value the environment and take care of it, keeping in mind the sustainable use of resources.
  • Perseverance: The importance of not giving up is a lesson for life and the students are taught the same through different school activities.
  • Patriotism: The spirit of belonging to a Nation should be developed in the early years. At Shemford, we have thus incorporated and practise the regular singing of the National Anthem as well as reciting the Pledge to the Nation.
  • Self- Reliance: The students are made to work on developing their self-esteem and are thereby made self-reliant.
  • Co-operation: The students are involved in group activities on a daily level, thereby instilling in them a sense of cooperation among their comrades.
  • Affection: The students are helped in many ways to develop their emotional intelligence and thereby be affectionate to the living beings around them.
  • Gratitude: It is important to thank people often. The students are reminded to express their gratitude to their fellow human beings on a daily basis.