Resource Centre

Our school has a well-equipped Resource Centre with Interactive White Boards, E-blocks and latest software to ensure that teaching is supported by the latest technology resources.

Computer Centre

Our school supports a well-equipped Computer Lab to make our children well-versed with computers. Computer education is the need of the hour and must be given due importance.

Audio Visual Room

To strengthen learning with great impact, the school has a facility of Audio Visual Room. The concept clarity with audio visual aids has a deep and long-lasting impact.

Transport Facilities

Our School provides transport facility to our children residing in the neighboring areas. The facility helps our children reach school with required safety and convenience. The facility supports the added advantages:

  • Automatic Message Transfer to pick and drop details to parent’s cellphone.
  • Fire safety & all emergency facilities available in the bus.

Facilities at SHEMFORD :

  • Stage Area
  • Gym
  • Farm House
  • Celebration Corner
  • Concept Center
  • Outdoor Play –Pen
  • Merry –Go- Round
  • Slides
  • Jungle Gym
  • Water Pool
  • Facilities at SHEMFORD Senior Wing:
  • Multimedia Lab
  • Science Lab
  • Computer Lab
  • Basket Ball
  • Judo-Karate
  • Table –Tennis
  • Yoga
  • Ultra-Smart Classroom