Shemford Futuristic School, Islampur has received the NOC from the Directorate of Education, Government of West Bengal, and has registered itself for AFFILIATION from Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, hence follows Academic Curriculum suggested by CBSE.

Academic curriculum refers to the lessons and academic content taught to a learner in the school. It is the sum total of a planned set of educational experiences provided to a leaner by a school. It encompasses the general objectives of learning, courses of study, subject-wise instructional objectives and content, and pedagogical practices and assessment guidelines.

At Shemford, we believe in nurturing young minds with the utmost care and compassion. Our methodology is multipronged. It encompasses the diverse ways in which children learn both individually as well as collaboratively. The child-centric and holistic curriculum has been adapted so as to bring forth their talents and inculcate good values in them. The evaluation and assessment takes place as per the rules laid down by the CBSE board.

They are made to feel connected to everything that goes on in the world through projects, creative competitions and activities based on various themes and observance of national and international festivals and birth anniversaries.

Here at Shemford, we lay emphasis on all-round development of the students and that also comes with a goal of letting each child choose his/her field of excellence. The school tries to create a homely atmosphere where every child can bloom and rise to the excellence they desire. But the basis of this is created within a happy space. We believe if a child is not happy, learning becomes redundant.

We take the help of the latest technologies and provide all the relevant information via the smart classes.


The Morning Assembly helps the SHEMSTARS boost their confidence and instills the sense of belongingness in them. Children actively conduct the morning assembly which inculcates the value of leadership, general awareness and positive thinking in them.

Meditation is an integral part of the day for the Nursery class in which the students actively participate, enabling the students increase the span of concentration.