• We, at Shemford, build a strong base for the core subjects. Evaluations are done regularly to check the understanding of the students. Feedback along with REMEDIAL CLASSES is given by the teachers to help the students understand and work upon their limitations in a fruitful manner.

• Special guidance is offered to prepare the students for national level examinations like Olympiad in subjects like English, Mathematics and Science. We offer various real-life experiences through the use of 3D modules, videos on smart boards and connecting topics with innovative stories that fill the mind of the little ones with curiosity and creativity.

• Students are imparted important ethics like discipline, hard work, patience, etc through value-based education. General knowledge is also a crucial part of the curriculum that makes the students aware of various events around in their country as well as the world around them.

• The aural and oral skills of the students get enriched as the emphasis is given to the speaking, reading and listening skills of the students. This is accomplished through the special communicative classes prescribed as a part of the daily routine for Classes 1 to 4 every week.